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September 18-19, 2021
Remember all funds are being matched!




Thank you!

Thank you Elizabeth Lowe for giving in honor of her mother Nancy Lowe, born in 1957!

1, 28
Thank you Anna Crivaro who chose numbers 1 and 28 in honor of her daughters birthday (January 28th)!

87, 88, 90
Thank you Nancy Lowe for choosing the birth years of her three children!

3, 14, 15
Thank you Dylan and Catherine Lyons for choosing 3, 14, and 15 (they were married on March 14th of 2015!).

Thank you Craig Cole for choosing 144, because that's how old he feels (Craig has spent a lot of time at the Nest and has the energy of a teenager so we kindly disagree)!

Thank you Doug Lowe for choosing his LUCKY NUMBER 128!

Thank you Dee Ferguson for choosing 66, the year of her birth. She has the right attitude giving thanks every single day for life!

16, 139, 140, 141, 142, 143
Thank you Luke Longlet for knocking out those top numbers!! This is the combined age (in days) of he and wife Jerri Ann's 2 awesome grandkids Keira & Ace!

Thank you Christine Longlet for taking this number in honor of her lil fighter who was born at 4lb 2oz! 

Thank you to Maddie for honoring her 9 teammates from Grove City College!

77, 79, 93, 98, 99
Thank you Jan Rygh for taking these big numbers to honor the years all her children were born!

20, 63, 64, 85, 90, 92, 95
Thank you, Lisa, for taking these large numbers to honor all the years of your close family members!

Thank you Rhonda for taking your lucky number!

11, 13, 51
Thank you Jami for taking these numbers! Especially for your 13 Robin's Nest trips!

Thank you Mary Beth Morris (one of our fearless directors) for giving in honor of her beautiful daughter Sarah Paige (born on September 19th). Happy almost birthday Sarah Paige!

61, 78, 111
Thank you Lori Debner!! She chose 61 and 111 in honor of Montego Bay's sunset tonight (6:11PM) and 78 just because!

21, 97
Thank you Lynette Jennings who chose 21 (the year her grandson was born) and 97 (the year her younger daughter was born)!

2, 60, 138
Thank you Elizabeth Kirchenwitz for choosing 2, 60, and 138 just because!

18, 25
Thank you Sarah Christianson for knocking out 18 and 25 in honor of her daughter Paige! She feels so blessed to have been her mom for 25 years and is so very thankful for today September 18!

120, 130
Thank you so much to Dr. Williams and Lionwise Ministries for their generous donation of $250! They are a small ministry in North Carolina dedicated to helping improve the lives of others in Jamaica. They asked that we tell the children that they “love and care about them.” And ask that we extend our thanks to the staff for all they do!

8, 18, 27, 34, 35, 39, 83, 84, 103, 112
Thank you Jerri Ann (or Ms. Jerri Ann to the Nest kids) for knocking out SO many numbers. Check out her why: "I would like to take 8 (Son in law Alex bday 5/3), 18 (son in law Cory bday 8/10), 27 (grandson Ace bday 12/15), 34 (daughter in law Christine bday 11/23), 35 (daughter Courtney bday 10/25), 39 (granddaughter Keira bday 6/13/20), 83 husband Luke bday 1/19/63), 84 (my birthday 11/10/63), 103 (son Andrew bday 5/10/88), and 112 (Ashley bday 10/10/92)."

45, 83
Thank you Jim Barts for knocking out 45 and 83!

24, 26, 74
Thank you Lisa Lemieux for choosing 24 (her youngest daughters age), 26 (her oldest daughters birthday tomorrow!), and 74 (her mother's age - but no one tell her mom that Lisa told us ok?).

Thank you Johanna Paxton for donating in memory of her late mother, Louise Wekar!

Thank you Abbi Garling for knocking out number 100!

133, 134, 135, 136, 137
Thank you Todd and Sheryl Breiholz for clearing out an entire row for us! They are giving in honor of Bobby and Mary Beth Morris (our directors) and all of the staff!

Thank you Michelle Campbell for choosing number 31 in honor of her sweet baby girl born on 8/31/21!

Thank you Tina Reuer and family for taking down 96 and 104. We love your family!

Thank you Paula Merkouris for choosing the number 41 in memory of her niece Kristina, who passed away at 41.

131, 132
Thank you Cynthia Leman for choosing numbers 131 and 132 to share some love!

4, 9, 37
Thank you Lacey Lynn for choosing her sports numbers throughout the years!

12, 38
Thank you Lexy Lynn for choosing 12 and 38, her past hockey jersey numbers!

29, 81
Thank you to one of our amazing previous board members Michele Hein for choosing 29 and 81! We miss you!

6, 32, 50, 52, 54, 56
Thank you so much to Payam Pezeshky for knocking out a bunch of those numbers for us!!! We appreciate you!

Thank you Dennis and Donna Wunsch! They chose 58 years for their 58 years of marriage - congrats you two!!

The number 40 was taken down in honor of Kemar Gayle who lived at Robin's Nest and passed in January of 2018 at 10 years old from complications of sickle cell. Kemar was a bright light, kind, hilarious, full of life. He is still missed deeply by all that knew him.

Thank you Brandi Delveau for taking out #122 for us!!

49, 73, 109, 121
Thank you Alex and Ashley Fisher for knocking out the above numbers. We really should be thanking Luke and Jerri Ann for allowing the Fisher's to crash at their house! We love all of the Fishers/Longlets!!

Thank you (AGAIN) to Johanna Paxton for choosing 73 in honor of her father's birthday today!! Happy Birthday Bernie!!

94, 123
Thank you to Tonja Lesmeister for choosing 123 (the number of people she has brought to visit the Nest WOW!) and 94 (the year she and her husband Troy were married). Thank you for ALL that you do for The Nest Tonja!

22, 33
Thank you Grace Law for knocking out #22 and #23!!


Thank you Lauren Bibb for knocking out 46 (the number of days she spent as an intern at The Nest!

Thank you Mary Youngquist for choosing a good ol' even number (she loves an even number)!

Thank you Sam Wach (an incredible woman that has served at The Nest many times) for knocking out 127 - the number of days she has spent at the Nest!

Thank you Deb Lloyd for knocking out 133 - the combined age of herself, her husband, and their 3 grandkids!

Thank you Paula Merkouris for choosing 71 - the year she graduated from high school!

7, 23, 30
Thank you Tricia Marie who chose her lucky number 23, 7 and 30 to round it out nicely!

Thank you Stephanie Olson for choosing 101!!!

Thank you Becky Rhodes for knocking out 57!!

Thank you Michelle Stewart for knocking out 4 - for her four children and in honor of her granny!

Thank you Abby Mueller for knocking out number 30!

Thank you Darlene Carlson for taking down number 129!

Thank you to the friend of Grace Law (and Grace for facilitating!)

Thank you Monica Merfalen for taking down 75!

5, 7
Thank you Ron and Debbie Powdrell for knocking out 5 and 7!

43, 44, 47, 48, 59
Thank you to Luke Longlet (AGAIN) for knocking out so many numbers!! 

Thank you Bobby and Mary Beth Morris (the current directors at The Nest) for choosing 48, in honor of Bobby's father!

43, 44
Thank you Chuck Shifflett for knocking out 43 and 44!!

Thank you Linda Andreas for knocking out 48 (22 is her birth date and 26 her wedding anniversary)!

Thank you Niki Walls (a previous intern and long time supporter of the Nest) for knocking out #91!!!

105, 106, 107, 108, 110, 113, 114,115,116,117,118,119,124, 125 and 126
Thank you Grace Law for clearing out all of the 100's!!!!!!!!!!! WOW Grace you are helping us come through at the last few hours thank you!!

Thank you Kaylyn Christianson for knocking out 125 in memory of Shelly Marsh!!

Thank you Lori Kimsey for choosing 126 AND CLEARING OUT BOARD! Thanks for giving in memory of your daddy Paul Goodwin!

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