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The Nest is truly blessed to have so many wonderful people give their time and talents to care for the hurting kids in Jamaica!  Each director/ support staff not only commits an extended time period to serve at the Nest but also raises their own support before arriving.  Take some time and get to know these incredible servants we call family!

Hewitt Family.jpg

Chris & Cheran Hewitt

Chris and Cheran Hewitt and their girls, Clara and Cate, are from Virginia. Chris has worked as a Mechanical Engineer for Nibco, Inc. since graduating from college in 2013. Cheran has many years of experience as an administrative assistant and retail manager, and most recently has focused on raising their family. The Hewitt’s enjoy spending time outdoors including hiking and camping off the grid. Chris is also an avid bird-hunter while Cheran enjoys gardening, preserving food, and preparing meals. The girls love adventure and time together. Their precious lives are part of what drives the family to lead a simpler and more holistic life.


“We are more than excited to have taken on the role of Onsite Directors at Robin’s Nest Children’s Home in Jamaica. We have been so fortunate to have grown up in not only families but also environmental settings, that have allowed us to explore and advance in opportunities as they have presented themselves throughout the years. This, along with the prompting of the Holy Spirit, was a huge motivator for us to pursue this opportunity to serve the children and staff at Robin’s Nest Children’s Home. We have the heart to serve others and finally agreed that now was the time to answer the call we have felt over our lives and the lives of our own children. We feel greatly blessed to be used by God in this capacity.”


Aubrey Jorde.jpeg

Aubrey Jorde

Aubrey grew up in Minnesota, but spent the last three years in Sioux Falls, South Dakota working as a geriatric social worker. She received her degree from Northwestern College in Iowa which is where she first heard of Robin's Nest. She was a summer intern in 2017 and returned for a visit in 2018. Since then, serving at Robin's Nest in a long-term capacity has been on her heart and mind so she is thrilled to join the on-site team! Some of Aubrey's favorite things include breakfast food, Taylor Swift, finding a good bargain, live performance musicals, and decorating Christmas cookies. 


“When I first came to Robin’s Nest for my internship, I knew by the end of my summer that this place was something special. God continued working on my heart over the next several years and provided me with experiences to prepare me to be at the Nest long-term. When the call came that the Nest was looking for an assistant director, there was no question that it was something I wanted to pursue! I am grateful for the overwhelming peace and joy that has come with pursuing God’s will for my life.”



The Nest hires local men and women to help run the Nest . . . from POD moms to staff who handle construction and mechanics; from those who oversee our garden and chickens to those who cook three meals a day for over 40 people; from laundry and cleaning to our two managers who manage the staff and help oversee the well-being of each child.  Although our staff is paid for their work, we see the time and care of them as an extension of our ministry to serve the community.  


Merva Wolfe


"The past 21 years that I have been working at Robin's Nest have been such a blessing to me. The transition in my job has been marvelous - nursing, teaching, and interacting with the children, staff, and directors are great. I would never do anything else! I thank the Lord for giving me the strength to comfort these little ones in their time of need."

Tonya Foster_edited.jpg

Tanya Foster


“Working for Robin’s Nest over the past 6 years has been such a tremendous blessing to me. I appreciate the transition in my responsibilities and the various opportunities which I have been given which include nursing & teaching.  Also, the daily interaction with the children, staff, and directors has been nothing but amazing. I thank the Lord for giving me strength each day to provide comfort and love to these little ones. I am forever grateful! There is nowhere else I would rather be serving. My position at Robin’s Nest is a fulfilling and rewarding accomplishment at the end of each given day.”

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Glaston Thayne


"I have worked at Robin's Nest going on 16 years. I enjoy the new challenges this job offers every day. I like showing love to the children by repairing and maintaining everything at Robin's Nest. I especially like working with my hands crafting artistic ironwork, things that will live on beyond my time here."


Robin's Nest is overseen by a board of individuals from five different states.  The group encompasses all walks of life, ages, and skillsets . . . but all have the same passion and heart for the ministry.

Current Board Members:​​   Anna Crivaro, Deb Cutting, Lisa Lemieux, Tonja Lesmeister, Dani Moe, Brandi Vennink, Todd GiereNancy Gregg, Niki Walls, Christopher Hewitt, and Cheran Hewitt. 

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