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Take a tour of the facilities.  Choose a slideshow.  Get to know the Nest!

Robin's Nest Children's Home is nestled on the mountain top of Montego Bay.  About a 45-minute drive from the airport, the Nest is surrounded by luscious hills and a view of the ocean. The property holds a main house (Big House), Jake's House, playground, swimming pool, garden, chicken coop, and a preschool.


The Big House is where the girls and younger boys live.  Complete with multiple bathrooms, kitchen, dining room, and several covered porches . . . the space nicely holds over 20 children at a time.  The saltwater pool is located off the back of the house as well as the directors apartment.  You will also find our Nurse Managers office and laundry space in the house.


Jake's House - named after a young man who passed early in life but had a heart for the Nest - houses the older boys. Overseen by its own PODmom, the boys spread out among several bedrooms with bunk beds, kitchen, dining room, bathroom, and recreation room.  Attached on the main floor is a schoolroom and intern apartment as well as an apartment below.


The Adventure Room is located on a lower level of the Big House and is used quite often for school lessons, free play, and even holds special events like our preschool graduation.  It is an incredible space that gives our kids a dedicated space to play even when it rains.


The Nest has three main team rooms:  one below Jake's House that holds 10 people and has two bathrooms; one to the lower side of the Big House which holds 10 people and has one bathroom; and a newer team room on the lower level (beneath the Adventure Room) that holds 12 people and one bathroom.  All rooms have windows and fans and the bathrooms have cold water.


Education is an important key to helping our kids grow and we are thrilled to have our own preschool on-site.  The Robin's Nest Preschool sits at the bottom of the property before you drive up the hill to the other buildings.  The preschool is open to the community and serves our children as well.  Each of the classes - one 3-year-old class and one 4-year-old class - are taught by Jamaican educators hired by the Nest. 


On a typical day the Nest is filled with lots of feet moving about, children playing, cooking, cleaning, washing dishes, doing laundry, fixing vehicles and structures . . . and the list goes on and on.  We are so thankful for our many dedicated staff who spend their days and nights helping take care of our Nest family.

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