There are great benefits to preparing for the future and PLANNED GIVING not only blesses the Nest with your financial donations but also provides you with peace of mind regarding your philanthropic desires

Donating to Robin's Nest IN MEMORY OF OR IN HONOR OF a loved one may seem like a small gesture, but you instantly help us care for the children whose survival has been placed in our hands.

If you are at least 70-1/2 years old, you can donate your RMD (required minimum distribution) to Robin's Nest and we will use it to further each child's education because learning can't wait!

Anytime you purchase from AMAZON start at and select Robin's Nest as your charity of choice and a percentage of all your purchases come directly to us! Small percentages add up to big change!

Does your employer MATCH CHARITABLE DONATIONS? All it takes is one simple ask. Many employers offer this opportunity to double your donation so your generosity is multiplied for Robin's Nest!

Remember Robin’s Nest Children’s Home in your WILL OR ESTATE PLAN.



Robin's Nest Children's home is accredited by the Evangelical Council of Financial Accountability,

an extra step to ensure your contributions are used wisely and our choices fall in line with being good stewards of God's resourcese.